Patients and Families


Why can Ensight help you?  Because Ensight’s dedicated, professional staff, have worked successfully with thousands of individuals who are struggling with vision loss.  Here is what we provide through our team of dedicated, caring professionals:

  • We provide comprehensive, visual rehabilitation services that allow you the opportunity to work with medical professionals who are trained in low vision skills and tools. Ensight has Doctors of Optometry as well as Occupational Therapists to work with you.
  • We consult with patients and their families to understand their unique individual situations and how our services may provide opportunity to enrich their lives
  • We conduct comprehensive functional vision examinations lasting more than one hour to assure the patient’s visual limitations and visual potential are fully understood
  • We develop a customized treatment plan with the best prescriptive devices, adaptive tools, technology and training to meet each patient’s individual needs and goals
  • We provide opportunities for family and friends to learn how to help achieve success
  • We publish newsletters for adults and children to share new technologies and resources for people with low vision
  • We facilitate support/networking groups lead  for people with low vision

We also have a large team of volunteers-many with vision loss-that provide avenues for people to impact the lives of others with low vision by joining in activities that help us accomplish our mission. We think of ourselves as an extended family of professionals, patients, and partners all sharing a common goal: helping people with vision loss becoming more than they can see.

Cori, an OT, works on adaptive cooking skills and kitchen safety.

Cori, an OT, works on adaptive cooking skills and kitchen safe