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Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can help you make the most of your remaining vision in performing everyday tasks. Our experienced occupational therapists may recommend particular low-vision assistive technology devices to help you perform everyday tasks. From low-tech devices such as lamps, signature cards and large print playing cards, to higher tech ones such as magnifiers, talking watches, and closed circuit televisions (often called readers) these devices can make adjustment to vision loss easier and accomplishing tasks more efficient.

Ensight and Curtis Strong Center’s offices carry used and new devices, and we order particular items as needed. When adjustments or different items are needed, we help make sure you obtain the correct tools for your needs. In addition, the OT will ensure that you are able to use them effectively and that they help you accomplish needed tasks.

In today’s world, smart phones and electronic tablets such as iPads are wonderful communication tools as well as excellent low-vision aids given their accessibility features. Our Assistive Technology instructors can help you set up the zoom or Voiceover features and learn to use them, and they can also inform you about using the devices as magnifiers, object identifiers, and for many other needs.

Finally, Ensight works with the Audio Information Network to provide Amazon Echoes and training in using them for low vision needs. To find out more, visit . . .