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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with Ensight Skills Center:

So you want to volunteer? That’s great! We love volunteers and we have great volunteer opportunities!
How can you volunteer? Whatever your interests and abilities, Ensight offers a way to make a difference. Let us know what area you are interested in working with. We also work with workplace volunteer groups, internships, and community service.


Volunteer Opportunities

Direct Service- Northern Colorado

Volunteer Drivers

Drivers transport patients to and from appointments at the Ensight Skills Center locations because many patients do not drive themselves.
Requirements: Lions Club Members Only. Must be over 21 and have a valid driver’s license.
Time: Varies.


Choose material and read it aloud to the patients who are visually impaired because they maybe struggling to read on their own.
Requirements: Excellent speaking voice and patience.
Time: Varies.

Outreach to Hispanic Population and Bilingual Translators

Help Ensight communicate with patients and conquer language barriers and attend community events.
Requirements: Must speak Spanish.
Time: Varies.

Operations Support- Fort Collins, CO

Administrative Duties

Assist with medical-record filing, answering calls, and calling clients to complete follow-up, exit interviews or update the client files.
Requirements: Office experience.
Time: 1–7 hours per week.

For more information or questions about volunteering, contact us:  (970) 407-9999.

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