Cori Layton

Director of Rehabilitation Cori Layton has worked with Ensight for seventeen years.  She brings years of specialized training and in-depth experience with low vision to her work with clients.  Cori has worked as an occupational therapist for 30 years, and in her current role she actively works with people in the office and their homes by teaching strategies to help them remain safe and independent.

Cori supervises the Rehabilitation staff as well as occupational therapy students from Colorado State University and Pima Medical Institute.  She provides training to organizations and communities on accommodations for people with low vision, trains, administrative staff on latest technologies, teaches Matter of Balance classes, and is the resident expert on all low vision concerns.

A Registered Occupational Therapist, Cori attended Colorado State University and worked previously at North Colorado Therapy Center, Mariner Post-Acute Network and Alta Therapies and has worked with older adults her entire 30-year career.  She received her Specialty Certification in Low Vision in 2011 from the American Occupational Therapy Association.