Ensight strives to provide Colorado residents living with low vision accurate and useful resources that may increase independence and wellbeing.  Learn more about eye disorders, assistive technology such as low vision cell phones, balance and other exercise, and ways to connect with others.  We value feedback and are always looking for information that we can use to educate. Education is power and when it comes to vision  loss: the more you know the more you will be able to adapt!  Contact us if you have a topic to submit.

Ensight has offices in Larimer County (Fort Collins), Weld County (Greeley), Boulder County (Longmont and Lafayette), Denver County (Lowry) and Arapahoe County (Littleton) serving individuals of all ages. Check your county Office on Aging sites to learn about resources and information regarding vision loss available to people who are 60 and older.

Exercises for Balance

Ensight Balance Exercises

Helpful Sites on Vision Impairment the Blin

Helpful Sites for Eye Diseases

Macular Degeneration


Retinitis Pigmentosa