Digital app provides help to people with glaucoma

picture of visual field obscured at periphery
Glaucoma (NEI)

This March during World Glaucoma Week researchers from City University London, supported by Allergan Pharmaceuticals and Glaucoma UK released the latest edition of an app to help people newly diagnosed with glaucoma.  The Glaucoma in Perspective app provides glaucoma education in a simple, visual, jargon-free, easy to use format, which helps patients and their families better understand the potential impact of the condition on their lives.

It covers topics such as how a visual field test works, why eye pressure is important, and how to use eyedrops correctly to reduce the risk of the condition progressing.  One of the main features of the app is a series of interactive demonstrations that highlight the subtle sight loss that can occur with glaucoma, especially in the early stages of the disease.

The app technology helps users experience the impact of glaucoma on everyday situations such as driving, cooking, walking down the stairs or shopping.  It also provides up-to-date information about the condition and treatments available via a series of animations.

The app is available for free on iTunes (IOS) and Google Play (Android). The latest edition has been further optimized for usability, and it features increased font size for text and an improved interface to make it easier to navigate.

The development of the app was supported by Glaucoma UK, the charity for people with glaucoma, to ensure it is accessible to a wide audience. The app includes information about Glaucoma UK and the many ways the charity can support people with glaucoma and their loved ones.