Empowering Individuals with Low Vision: How Our Nonprofit is Making a Difference

Ensight Skills Center and the Curtis Strong Center are experts in low vision and related issues, offering accredited services to help improve the lives of individuals facing vision loss. We offer the necessary education, training, tools, and support so you and your loved ones with low vision can live independently and thrive.

Tan and brick building with “Ensight Skills Center Sign” on the front

So what has Ensight been up to in the past year? From assisting individuals with low vision to introducing a facilitated learning program for DVR clients with employment goals, our organization has been busy making a difference! Read on and dive into the impact statistics and hear the heartfelt testimonials that showcase what we do!


  1. Direct Services
  • Doctor Occupational Therapy Orientation & Mobility Coaching Total Served: 791
  • 8232 Individuals served through Education, Social Activities, Resources and Assistance

We tailor these direct services to the unique needs of individuals with low vision. Clients can receive targeted interventions to help overcome obstacles that affect their daily activities. 

  1. Community Outreach
  • Have served over 119,000 individuals 
  1. Celebrated 22 Years of Service
  2. Board of Directors – 10 Board Members
  3. Ensight Staff – 12 Current Staff Members
Two older women, one in a tan sweater pouring milk into a pan, one in a jean jacket helping the other woman.


It’s inspiring to witness the tangible differences made in the lives of individuals with low vision. The numbers we share tell a story of progress, but the real testament lies in the testimonials from those who have experienced the transformative effects of our services. Read on to see the positive impact our services are having for those navigating low vision challenges:

“I wish I had known about Ensight sooner. The services my dad received from Ensight made a great deal of difference in his attitude and ability to stay active and independent. He is reading again and working on his hobbies! Thank you, Ensight.”

One older man in a yellow hat and white button-up shirt sitting down smiling, one older woman with a blue shirt and glasses sitting down smiling.

“My angels! After I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration I got very depressed. Ensight’s occupational therapist, optometrist, and support staff showed me that I could be independent. I just needed to adapt. I don’t even want to think about where I would be today without Ensight.”

“I feel like there is hope for my future. When my mom lost her vision, I was so scared it would happen to me. Now, with the support of Ensight, I know that I can find my own way, even with Macular Degeneration.”

One older woman in a patterned sweater sitting down talking to a younger woman with short black hair and glasses who is also sitting.

At Ensight we are always striving to serve more people and help facilitate programs that bring accessibility and peace-of-mind to people in Northern Colorado who are living with low vision. Thank you to everyone who supports our work. It is because of YOU that we are able to reach so many people!

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