Living and Seeing with Macular Degeneration

what it looks like when you have macular degeneration
Macular Degeneration (NEI)

Macular Degeneration simulator
This is what it was like to read while using the macular degeneration simulator glasses.
Some of my favorite memories are visits from low-vision organizations. Many of the people who come to the groups share stories and experiences along their journey with vision loss. From being diagnosed with macular deneration and receiving shots in the eye, to lifetime achievements and great grandchildren, everyone has a story to share, and I enjoy hearing them all. This leads me to my favorite memory. 

One specific group that I visit often is a group of people who only meet monthly yet support each other on a daily basis! I was able to locate an affordable Electronic Video Magnifiers or CCTV that allows for increased magnification and the ability to tweak the picture so you can see it better. It works well for many things from reading to painting ones finger nails, and you can also look at pictures.

On the day that I brought the CCTV into the community, the group started to bring pictures of family members. One of the ladies who suffers from advanced macular degeneration with significant vision loss told me that was the first time she had been able to get a good view of her one-year-old great grandson’s face. She looked at pictures from his first Christmas, of him with his mom and dad, and others. It was truly a pleasure to be included in her moment. Her smile and joy that day are my favorite memory.

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