Podcasts for People with Vision Impairments

Smart phone in person's hand

Audio Information Network

The Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) is an Ensight partner serving people with low vision, blindness, or print disabilities.  AINS provides a large number of podcasts on a variety of subjects through their app or website.  You can access various Colorado newspapers, or  podcasts on health, entertainment, employment opportunities, sale and coupon information from stores, and many other topics.  Some are available in Spanish or Mandarin.  Learn more on their website.

Living with Low Vision

The Free Blind Abilities App for iPhone features podcasts for and by people who have visual impairments.  The podcasts cover stories of living with vision loss and topics such as accessing the VoiceOver features on the iPhone or cleaning a bathroom with alternative techniques. The focus is on building skills and confidence.

Eyes on Success with Nancy and Peter Torpey is a weekly podcast that covers many different topics of interest to those with vision impairments. Hosts Nancy, sighted, and Peter, blind, both have PhD’s in physics and are retired from Xerox Corporation.

Accessibility Technology Podcasts for People with Vision Impairments

Finally, if you love to learn about new technologies and accessibility on digital devices, check out the following tech podcasts. Blind Access Journal podcast, The Tech Juggernaut, and Blind Cool Tech provide information and user-opinions on the latest technology for people who are blind or visually impaired.

This blog mentions just a few of the podcasts for people with vision impairments, but there is an endless number of shows available through the Apple app as well as other apps such as Pocket Casts and Castbox.  Download your app, search for a topic or person, and you can subscribe to the podcast or listen to that one episode.  Enjoy!