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Ensight Team Members

Denny Moyer, CEO/President

Denny Moyer, BS, COTA/L, is a founding member and the current CEO of the Ensight Skills Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation and the Curtis Strong Center for Visually Impaired in Colorado. After the onset of vision loss at age 19 due to Stargardts macular degeneration Denny earned degrees in occupational therapy and healthcare administration and has practiced in low vision rehabilitation since 1999. Currently Denny serves on the committee for the development of the outcomes measurement tool (RSO) and is a committee member for the Aging & Vision Loss National Commission, sub-committee for Data and Research.

Denny served as a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association specialty board for the development of low vision competencies for occupational therapists and was awarded her specialty certification in low vision.  Denny served as a board member of the National Accreditation Counsel serving Blindness and Low Vision (NAC), now AER, from 2006-2018 and served on the Older Individuals who are Blind-Technical Assistance Committee (OIB-TAC) from 2019-2020.  As an occupational therapy practitioner with extensive education and experience in low vision, Denny has established herself as a nationally recognized professional in the field of low vision.

Melody Bettenhausen, Development Director

Melody joined the Ensight and Curtis Strong staff in January 2009. Since then, she’s been involved in grant writing, marketing and outreach throughout Colorado, which includes attending meetings, seminars, resource fairs, health fairs, conventions, and seminars. Melody has a bachelor’s of science degree from Colorado State University. 

Outreach Staff

Lynda McCullough, Outreach Manager

Lynda has worked in the low vision field since 2011 as a program and communications coordinator.  She joined the Ensight and Curtis Strong team in 2016, and she does presentations on living with low vision in the community as well as assistive technology training.  She also helps produce educational materials and communications media.  She has a  B.A. in Journalism from the University of Maryland and an M.A.Ed. in Community Counseling from the George Washington University.

Aileen Barry, Education Liaison

Aileen is a specialist in doctor relations and community outreach in the Denver and Boulder areas.  She joined the Ensight team in November 2017.

She has worked in community outreach, public relations, event management and advertising.  Before joining Ensight she started a medical equipment company and she contracts with ophthalmology offices providing equipment to patients that have to be face down after having vitrectomy surgery for detached retina or macular holes.  Aileen earned a degree in Business and Psychology from Colorado State and University of Northern Colorado.

Board of Directors

  • Doug Hutchinson, Chairman

  • Richard Faubion, Vice Chairman

  • Carl Gentzel, Treasurer

  • Tana Arthur, Director

  • Dr. Arthur Korotkin, Director

  • Penn Street, Director

  • Dr. Marc Provencher, Director

  • Dave Mendenhall, Director

  • Denise Clyne, Director

  • Jalaya Alexander, Director

Eye Doctors

Corey Bernhardt, O.D., (Doctor of Optometry) Low Vision Physician

Dr. Bernhardt has worked with Ensight since 2014 providing low vision assessments and recommendations for ocular devices and other low vision tools.

Dr. Bernhardt has worn glasses or contacts for most of his life, and he knew from an early age he wanted to be an optometrist.  One of his rotations in optometry school involved working with patients at the Washington School for the Blind.  He learned that many of those patients had gone from doctor to doctor only to hear that there was nothing that the doctors could do to help them with their vision.  Before they found low vision specialists like Ensight, many gave up on hobbies and activities that they loved.  Dr. Bernhardt finds it rewarding to see an individual, with the help of new tools and practice, get back to doing activities and to reading the books they’ve missed out on for so long.

Dr. Bernhardt graduated from the Pacific University of Optometry in Oregon in 2012 and has worked as an optometrist in several settings as well as with Ensight Skills Center.

Anjana Sharma, O.D., (Doctor of Optometry) Low Vision Physician

Dr. Anjana Sharma graduated from the University of Houston College of Optometry in 1994 and she has worked in private practice as well as Lenscrafters and Target optical.  She began working with Ensight in May of 2020, and she loves the field of low vision optometry because of “the wonderful, appreciative patients.”  Dr. Sharma says she finds fulfillment in helping people with devices and techniques that make a profound impact in their lifestyle.

Administrative Staff

Amy Heath, Administrative Assistant Fort Collins Office

Amy began assisting with the Annual Halloween Eye Ball in 2012, and in 2020 she became the administrative assistant in our Fort Collins office.  She takes care of scheduling, data entry, reporting, equipment monitoring, Eye Ball decor, and helping clients access needed resources.

Annette Biddison, Administrative Assistant Greeley Office

Annette has worked with clients and staff at the Curtis Strong Center since 2013.   She provides numerous administrative tasks including scheduling, data entry, reporting, equipment monitoring, and helping clients access needed resources.

Before working for Ensight, Annette was a special education para, mainly at Wellington Middle School.  She has a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Human Development from Colorado State.

Kelly Young, Administrative Assistant Fort Collins Office

Kelly has been with Ensight since 2019.  She is the billing specialist, Friday receptionist, and fundraising assistant.

Renee Oldham, Administrative Assistant Greeley Office

Renee joined Ensight in 2021.  She provides reception and a variety of administrative functions in the Greeley office.

Adapting to Vision Loss Program Coaches

Michael Stone

Michael Stone has been legally blind since an early age, but he was not diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa until he was 35 years old.   He has a younger brother who also has this condition.

Michael has dedicated his time to assisting others with living losses such as vision loss. He authored a book titled Eye Envy that featured various stories of others who have lost their eyesight in an effort to help those newly diagnosed and their families cope with their vision loss.

Michael is an avid athlete, musician and artist. He utilizes empathy, mindfulness and meditation techniques to help both others and himself adapt to vision challenges.

Lynda McCullough

Lynda McCullough, M.Ed., has a corneal disorder called keratoconus.  She has completed all the coursework in the Wellcoaches training program and has many hours of advising and supporting individuals experiencing vision loss.

Lynda has worked as a disability program coordinator within the field of low vision and blindness for 10 years, providing education, coaching, and facilitation of support groups.  She has also worked as a wellness coordinator, health writer, and adaptive yoga teacher.

Rehabilitation Staff

Cori Layton, Director of Rehabilitation, OTR

Director of Rehabilitation Cori Layton has worked with Ensight for seventeen years.  She brings years of specialized training and in-depth experience with low vision to her work with clients.  Cori has worked as an occupational therapist for 30 years, and in her current role she actively works with people in the office and their homes by teaching strategies to help them remain safe and independent.

Cori supervises the Rehabilitation staff as well as occupational therapy students from Colorado State University and Pima Medical Institute.  She provides training to organizations and communities on accommodations for people with low vision, trains, administrative staff on latest technologies, teaches Matter of Balance classes, and is the resident expert on all low vision concerns.

A Registered Occupational Therapist, Cori attended Colorado State University and worked previously at North Colorado Therapy Center, Mariner Post-Acute Network and Alta Therapies and has worked with older adults her entire 30-year career.  She received her Specialty Certification in Low Vision in 2011 from the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Kursten Marks, O.T.R., Registered Occupational Therapist

Kursten von Koss is a licensed occupational therapist who has been with Ensight since 2013. She sees Ensight clients with the low vision optometrist and then takes the methods and tools that were discovered in the office into the client’s home to maximize the individual’s ability to accomplish daily tasks and personal goals.

Kursten learned that Ensight was looking for an occupational therapist for the Denver area through a friend and was glad to begin working in the low vision field.  She says, “I love the Ensight clients because they bring interesting and personal goals to the table. To “macguyver” a solution with a client is really fun!

Before working with Ensight, Kursten worked as an OT in acute care in a hospital and in skilled nursing facility rehabilitation.  She also worked in home care, which she enjoyed the most. She completed a degree in Occupational Therapy at San Jose State University in San Jose, California.

Leeann Stahl, O.T.R., Registered Occupational Therapist

Leeann has been interested in low vision since she was an occupational therapy student and did eccentric viewing technique with a woman who lived in an independent living facility.  The woman thought she would have to move to an assisted living facility because of her macular degeneration, but when she learned eccentric viewing technique, she was able to read and felt more confident staying in her independent living community.  Leeanne joined the Ensight team in 2019.

She has worked in acute care hospitals, inpatient rehab hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities.  She received her master’s degree in occupational therapy from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Erin Brychel O.T.R., Registered Occupational Therapist

Erin Brychel attended an occupational therapy graduate program at New York University, and one of her classes was on low vision.  When she moved to Denver in 2017 she looked for low vision rehabilitation centers and discovered Ensight.

Erin enjoys working on a team with a low vision optometrist and using various low vision adaptive and assistive devices with clients.  She also works as an OT on adult and geriatric psychiatric units at Porter Adventist Hospital and as a PRN OT with Encompass Rehabilitation Hospital of Littleton, Colorado.

Jennifer Rise, COTA, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

Jennifer Rise is a licensed Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA), and she has served as a low vision specialist with Ensight since 2015.  She sees clients in their homes, helping them to use new optical devices and video magnifiers, as well as adapt their home as needed using tactile cues, lighting, and strategies to avoid glare.  She also assists with maximizing independence with activities of daily living and reading using remaining vision.

Prior to Ensight, Jennifer worked as a COTA in acute rehab with traumatic brain injury and stroke diagnoses, as well as outpatient, skilled nursing, and home health.  She graduated with an Associate of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant from Western Iowa Tech in 1998.

Danielle Burden, Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Danielle began working with Ensight as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist in 2017.  She is also a Certified Teacher of the Visually Impaired and Orientation & Mobility Specialist for Greeley District School System in Weld County.