The Blind Life YouTube Channel

Sam Seavey of The Blind Life

There is an ever-increasing amount of low-vision information online.  From websites to podcasts to YouTube channels, you can find individual stories of vision loss and adaptation, the latest research studies, and reviews of brand-new assistive technology devices.  But one program stands out for it’s engaging, informative, and in-depth tips for living with low vision and technology demonstrations — “The Blind Life,” a YouTube channel created by Sam Seavey in 2013.  Sam’s channel can help you understand some of the technologies our clients at Ensight use to help them adapt as he details the tools he uses in his life.

In his videos, Sam reviews assistive technology devices, particular functions and apps, and many tips for living with low vision.  He also shares his own stories about topics such as his eye disorder, Stargardt disease, as well as dating, marriage, and parenting with low vision, and interviews with his kids about what it is like to grow up with a parent with low vision. He covers other life tasks such as cooking, beard care, folding shirts, labeling spices, using smart speakers for low vision needs, and staying in a hotel.

If you want to learn about wearable low-vision devices, the best apps for low vision, or hear a comparison of Android vs. Apple smart phones, Sam provides clear, informative overviews.  His background as an assistive technology instructor and personal experience using various devices make him particularly effective as a teacher and guide.

Sam was diagnosed with Stargardt’s in 1986 when he was 11 yet didn’t come to terms with his vision impairment until he was an adult.  He describes his channel like this: “The Blind Life is a representation of what is going on in my life and what I enjoy, all from the visually impaired perspective.  I’m a big fan of mobile technology and low vision accessibility, but I also can easily laugh at myself.  I enjoy making videos to share tips and tricks of navigating life with low vision.  If you have any suggestions for future videos, just ask!”