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Comprehensive Program

Ensight’s dedicated, professional staff has 20 years of experience successfully working with thousands of individuals who are struggling with vision loss. Our low-vision trained doctors of optometry and occupational therapists (OT) provide comprehensive visual rehabilitation services including assessments, recommendations for optical and assistive devices, and training.

The doctor and occupational therapist work together to assess remaining vision and ways you can use it for everyday tasks. They inquire about your challenges and goals and work with you to determine the best strategies to help you do the things you want to do. The doctor will assess your visual field to determine where it functions best and how to help maximize that function with available optical tools, and the occupational therapist will discuss your goals, needs, lifestyle and health concerns as well as your desires to perform particular tasks and activities. The doctor and OT will recommend all the best tools and approaches to safely and reasonable do the things you need to do in daily life, from cooking, to using the computer, to managing hygiene, to walking, and many others.

The doctor and OT will work with you to obtain and employ the best tools and strategies available to you. They provide training: The OT will go to your home to deliver, set up, and adjust equipment and train you to use it optimally: He or she will visit multiple times to provide training if needed.

Orientation and Mobility instructors provide white cane training to those who are interested.