FFB Podcast features Michael Stone

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The latest episode of the Eye on the Cure Podcast from the Foundation Fighting Blindness features Ensight Adapting to Vision Loss support coach Michael Stone. Michael is a triathlete, skier, rock climber, and businessman who happens to have retinitis pigmentosa. In the podcast he talks to host Ben Shaberman about the adventures and challenges of being a prolific athlete with vision loss, about dealing with fear, and about his really fast guide dog. You can access the podcast on Apple, Spotify, IHeart Radio, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, Google Podcasts, Audible, or Pandora.

The Eye on the Cure Podcast provides science information, news, and insights from the world of vision and retinal diseases. Podcast hosted Ben Shaberman is also the FFB’s senior director scientific outreach, and other episodes include conversations with guests from the research and vision communities.