Accessible iPad games

Need some diversion? David Woodbridge, national assistive technology adviser of Vision Australia, tested a variety of accessible games from the App Store, and he recommends the following for blind and low vision users.

Topping his list is a game called Feer, where you dodge zombies in the pursuit of high scores.  The others in his top ten include:

Accessible Hangman ($1.99)

Audio Archery (via Audio Game Hub 2) (free)

Blind Cricket (free)

Choose your Face (Like Deal or No Deal) ($2.99)

Frots (multiple text adventures) (free)

Blindfold games (80+ games) such as dominos or sea battles (free)

Diceworld (6 games – check out: Pig) (free)

RS games (portal type game) (free)

Zany Touch lite (bop it style game) (free)

To learn more visit Vision Australia, or to find David’s podcast “Talking Tech, “ visit