Orcam Wearable Device Reads Documents and Faces

Read more about the Orcam Wearable devices that are specifically designed for those with low vision!

Orcam Wearable Device Reads Documents and Faces!
Example of an Orcam device.
Ensight’s Fort Collins support group recently met with Bob Machacek of AKB Visions about a helpful new assistive technology device called Orcam. Orcam is a wearable device with a smart camera designed to assist people who are visually impaired. Bob demonstrated how to use the small camera mounted on a pair of glasses along with a handheld device to read print on newspapers, books, documents, cans, and signs. The device can also recognize faces: If you program it to “recognize” a person it will identify them when you encounter them in the future.

Participants in our group had the opportunity to ask questions and try the device, and it didn’t take us long to be able to read any block of print in front of us by either pointing with one finger or clicking a button on the device. We pointed the camera at the item, and the Orcam read aloud.

The Orcam can also be programmed to recognize personal items such as purses, credit cards, products, or money notes. Those who purchase the item, which runs for $2500, also get training from an OrCam trainer who comes to your home, then can ask questions over the phone as needed. To learn more, visit orcam.com, or call AKB Visions at 303.431.1460

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