Beyond Style: The Critical Role of Sunglasses in Eye Care

Close up of a girl with pink hair wearing rainbow sunglasses
Close up of a girl with pink hair wearing rainbow sunglasses

Sunglasses are often thought of as just a fashion statement however, sunglasses play an important role in protecting our eyes. 

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Invest in High-Quality Sunglasses

One of the primary reasons to wear sunglasses is to shield your eyes from the harmful effects of UV radiation which is known to cause a number of problems. Although all sunglasses are expected to protect our eyes from UVA/UVB rays the quality of the lens is vital. Typically, higher quality sunglasses will have more advanced and safer lenses they also “offer a clearer, sharper and much higher degree of vision.” 

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Choose Sunglasses with Blue-Light-Filtration

Most of us have sunglass lenses with prescriptions which makes it easy to add the blue-light-filtering option to them as well. Blue light comes from the sun and from screens. By blocking out some of the exposure to blue light you can avoid eye strain, insomnia and a whole list of serious issues.

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Protection from Wind, Dust and Debris

Besides the amazing protection sunglasses provide against UV rays they can also keep out other outdoor elements. Wraparound glasses can often fit over prescription eyeglasses and help with extra protection all the way around!

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Skin Care and Sunglasses

As an added bonus sunglasses can do more than protect our eyes, they can even help protect your skin from UV rays which can cause skin cancer and wrinkles. “UV rays themselves slowly cook your skin, baking the wrinkles in place, which can make you look older than you are.” 

In Colorado we have more sun, at a stronger intensity, than many states which is why sunglasses are even that much more important! It’s time for a quality check on those lenses to get the most out of your fashion statement!