Ensight’s 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Ensight Skills Center celebrated 10 years of service to the low-vision community on August 21, 2011, by hosting a BBQ! The mission of Ensight is to provide visually impaired clients and their families with adaptive techniques, training, support, tools and products to maintain independent lifestyles and ensure safety in their home and workplace environments. Ensight… Continue reading Ensight’s 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Depression, Vision Loss and Vision Rehabilitation

Image from npr.com.

If you’re one of many older adults with vision loss who also experience depression, you’re not alone. While depression is not an inevitable consequence of vision impairment, it is common. An estimated one-third of older adults with vision loss report clinically significant depressive symptoms1. These may begin at the initial diagnosis of an eye disease, or they may appear many years later when vision problems worsen