Ensight CEO Denny Moyer

Over the past 22 years Denny Moyer, founder and CEO of the Ensight Skills Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation and the Curtis Strong Center for Visually Impaired in Colorado, has won a number of awards and important recognition from some of Northern Colorado’s most notable figures and sources.  Click on the awards below to read more about… Continue reading Ensight CEO Denny Moyer

Stargardt Disease Research

Stargardt Disease runs in my family. My mother, Denny, was diagnosed with Stargardt Disease when she was 25-years-old. The research being done is fanatastic, and maybe they will know how to repair the damage from Macular Degeneration in the near-future. Below is a great article about gene therapy being used for Stargardt Disease and Age-Related… Continue reading Stargardt Disease Research

My Mom is Visually Impaired

When I was growing up, I never understood what visually impaired meant. I was only 4-years-old when my mother was diagnosed with Stargardts, a juvenille onset of macular degeneration. When I was old enough to understand that my mom had difficulties with her vision, I still didn’t comprehend what the problem was. I knew that… Continue reading My Mom is Visually Impaired